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I spend a lot of time creating apps for a majority of people. Sometimes these are stand-alone apps or they work together as an ecosystem. But one staple of all my work is a clear, accessible design and the protection of users' data. Scroll down to see how I'm bringing the latest advances in technology to the iPhone.



A.I. Spam Blocker

Named after the mathematician Bayes uses powerful Machine Learning to filter a wide range of spam SMS/MMS, all on your device, protecting your privacy. Completely offline, 100% secure, fighting spammers day and night for you- Bayes is one of the smartest and most powerful SMS spam filter available on iOS!


Powerful Vision. In Seconds.

Retina AI is an app which empowers visually impaired people by describing their surroundings in extremely descriptive detail. With state-of-the-art machine learning and supprt for more than 100 languages, Retina AI is truly accessible to everyone around the globe.


Your News. Your Views.

The Views News is a new way to interact with the news in our fast paced world. Tune your interests so you can see news articles based on your interests. However, Views isn't just another news reading application. Views Community is a platform where you can share your opinions about the news with no fear of being attacked for you views.


For Students. By Students.

Lumos Academy is my 5 year plan for developing applications which improve the student lifestyle by reinventing how we learn and live our lives as students. Our mission is to enhance the student lifestyle by developing products that are practical, accessible, and manageable. Our apps go beyond education to cover entertainment and mental health.