Sai Kambampati

Crafting a hopeful future through design, engineering, and laughter


Hi! I'm Sai. I'm a fourth year student at UCSC pursuing a double major in Computer Science and Cognitive Science and a minor in Technology and Information Management.

As an accomplished developer and designer, I enjoy collaborating with design, engineering, and marketing teams to bring delightful applications to everyone.

Apart from my coding and designing pursuits, I love to play my guitar and go on photowalks. Feel free to get in touch below!




Aux is an iOS app that allows anyone with a Spotify or Apple Music account to create shared queues with their friends for group listening


iOS, School

Athena is my senior undergraduate capstone project that lets you track books you are reading, take notes about them, and build a habit of reading



The Afterparty Calculator is a simple utility app to split the bill among friends and family after a night out to quickly see "who owes who".

HeySaiK 3.0


This simple app is my first decentralized app where users can send a "Hey" on the Ethereum blockchain and win some ETH!



Airgift is a work-in-progress AR social media platform, exploring the intersection of AI, AR, and Web3 technology.


iOS, macOS

Mirrorly is a mental health journaling app that encourages healthy reflection and also predicts your future emotions.


iOS, macOS

Pomodoro² is a simple, minimalistic pomodoro timer built in SwiftUI wth one purpose: to help you stay focused on your work.

Bayes SMS


Bayes SMS is an AI-powered app that can filter out any spam SMS/MS messages all without reading or writing to your messages.

Views 4

iOS, macOS

Views 4 is one of the Top 100 news applications on the App Store displaying the best news stories and podcasts.


Published Works


My entry into teaching via video, I've produced more than 3 courses on Design+Code teaching the latest programming paradigms.


What got me sharing and spreading my programming knowledge was by writing tutorials on iOS and macOS app development.

Heartbeat by Comet

One of the leading machine learning publications on Medium, I had an amazing opportunity to author some guest posts.

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